Association Profile

International Blockchain Accounting and Taxation Standards Association - or IBATA - is the world's oldest and most extensive international blockchain taxation NGO organization supported by the Global Digital Foundation and registered in the United Nations. IBATA's mission is to establish an independent, open and fair global blockchain environment. The members of the association are the top finance and tax professors and scholars, experts in the blockchain industry, and are located in the United States, China and Australia and other countries. IBATA committed to providing a set of common cryptocurrency tools, including accounting standards, auditing standards and disclosure specifications, giving full play to the self-discipline management functions of the blockchain industry, maintaining the industry's business order and legitimate competition order; integrating service resources and establishing smooth communication channels with governments from the overall interests of the industry.

IBATA aims to promote international blockchain finance and tax academic research, establish blockchain digital economic finance and tax standards, propose blockchain finance and tax policies to countries, improve digital economy finance and tax laws and regulations, and promote the healthy development of the global blockchain digital industry.